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People are a businesses’ best asset

Powerful, crafted training programs

Secret Sauce Academy creates custom training programs that will cost you less per employee, get trainees proficient in 50% less time than traditional methods and are infinitely scalable. Using a special blend of online learning and live training we help service industry businesses grapple with high employee turnover and motivate staff to swiftly acquire skills. Our partners leverage our expertise when they don’t have the personnel or time to do it themselves. Our best partners have plans to scale and need better training across multiple sites.

Charge Forward

Business Blueprints Built Exactly To Your Needs

Before starting on any journey, it’s wise to plan ahead. We offer our Blueprinting service as a way to help you understand where you want to go, how long it will take to get there, how much fuel (budget) you should expect to use, and what risks face us along the way. You’ll have a clear and concise blueprint that will help you solve the training problems your business faces as quickly, safely, and economically as possible.

Who We Help

the secret ingredient for these businesses

Fitness studios

Tourism companies



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What we can do for you

Our innovative approach to training will help you boost the growth of your business. Our programs are custom crafted so they will perfectly fit your business. Using a special blend of online learning and live training we help service industry businesses instantly boost staff retention, decrease training times by 50% and engage your staff in ways you never thought imaginable.

Instructional Design

Curriculum development and lesson plans are the groundwork for our cutting edge programs.

Content Creation

The main ingredient in our recipe is great looking video, graphics and animation.

Learning software development

Expertly crafted eLearning courses are the perfect place to engage learners and administer the program

Blended Learning

Online training mixed with live training sessions maximize the programs effectiveness and get the best results.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do projects take?

This depends largely on the length of the course and the scope of work, but generally the completed program launches 3 months from when it begins. The blueprinting service, however, takes about 2 weeks.

How do you know what material to include in the course?
In the initial course development process, we interview key personnel, vet the existing training program and research the industries best practices. Then we use all this information to construct a course that meets the needs of the organization.
My business is not in the service industry, can you still help?
Most likely. We have served a number of different kinds of businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help.
How much do the services cost?
There is a sliding scale that factors the size of the business to provide competitive prices to smaller businesses and enterprises alike.
Do I need any special software for the online course?
Yes, the course will be hosted on what is called an LMS or learning management software. There are tons of options out there but we help you find one that’s right for your needs and budget, then set it up for you.
Can I choose which services to buy?
Absolutely. We offer any part of playbook as an a la carte service. Download it and get in touch with your request.